Financial Services Committee

Banking and many other financial services were invented by the Dutch. The emphasis for us is thereby not on “banking” but on “invented”. Innovation in financial services is in our history and will also be the key theme of our committee. Singapore has proclaimed itself to be the Fintech hub of Asia, so we are in the right place to wave our colours and make our contribution. With a long and deep history in financial services and ample presence of Dutch firms in both the traditional and more innovative corners of financial services in Singapore and the region, we are well positioned to help Dutch firms and talent play a key role in the further development of financial services in the region. With all the innovations that are going on in Fintech and the need for traditional financial services firms to embrace technology and put customers central to what they do, we will have plenty of food for thought, discussion and debate!

Committee Members

Stefan Scherpenborg

Relationship Manager, International Desk Singapore, at ABN AMRO Bank NV, Singapore Branch




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