Industry Committees

In addition to the Management Board, there are several Industry Committees that meet on a regular basis to discuss new developments, keep members up to date and inform them about the latest trends and innovation in their industries.

Working styles of these committees vary, some sub-committees may work on an internal basis, which
includes the exchange of ideas and short presentations on specific topics by group members. Others may offer a number of seminars and workshops. Each committee operates independently from the board with an assigned chairman to summarize and inform the DutchCham Board about its findings and plans.

We currently have the following Industry committees (click on the committee for more information):


Support Committees

Next to the Industry Committees we are looking for support to make ADB-DutchCham gain more fire-power and expertise. We would like our members to become involved and make ADB-DutchCham bigger and better.

We always look for new members for the following Support Committees:

Events Committee
ADB-DutchCham organizes over 30 events a year, varying from company visits, social gatherings and entrepreneur panels. We need committee members who can help organise these events.

Sponsoring Committee
Without sponsors there would be no ADB-DutchCham; sponsors not only pay for events and the magazine, they also make it possible to keep the annual ADB-DutchCham member contribution low. We are looking for members who would like to persuade potential sponsors to make a sponsorship deal with ADBDutchCham.

Magazine Committee
We are always on the lookout for more (aspiring) writers to write articles for our ADB-DutchCham Magazine.

Are you interested in one of the Committees and are you able to use (or enlarge) your professional network for the good of ADB-DutchCham, then let us know by sending an email to