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Chair Singapore Netherlands Water House

Collaboration instead of competition. Looking at the big picture and uniting the Dutch Water Sector in Singapore


The Singapore Netherlands Water House (SNWH) is a platform for networking, communication, and cooperation among the Dutch water sector in Singapore. It has served to connect the players, both small and large firms with short and long periods of activity in the ASEAN region. In 2016 it was time for an upgrade and to present a vision to further enhance its added value to SNWH members and utilize its collective expertise for the benefit of all parties involved.


That is why we are proud to present the SNWH roadmap, whereby knowledge sharing and networking are our core objectives. SNWH will facilitate the organization of regular Water Series events, based around current themes. SNWH members can host (together with Dutch and/or Singapore partners) a Water Series Event (presentation or networking) at their office.


The subjects of these quarterly meetings trickle down from trending subjects in the water sector (see below) – and are an upgrade of the three themes of the SG-NL Magazine presented during the Singapore International Water Week 2016.

The themes are

  • Water efficiency and Value
  • Water management and Resilience
  • Institutional transition and Governance
  • Innovative water system implementations
  • Water as part of civil engineering

There will be an interchange of knowledge amongst its SNWH members but also with local water players.



Resources and links

Year Plan 2018

  • January
    Preparation for SIWW 2018
  • February
    Connection to International Financing Institutes (WorldBank, ADB, etc.)
  • April
    Building with Nature / Ecoshape
  • May
    Connections in the region (ASEAN countries and Australia)
  • September
    Wrap up SIWW 2018

Committee members

  • Arno Kops, Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia Pte Ltd, Chair
  • Tim Jeanne, Royal HaskoningDHV
  • Hans Valk, Delta Marine Consultants
  • Helena Hulsman, Deltares
  • Daniel Chua/Vincent Lam, PWN Technologies
  • Frederick Chia, Wavin Asia Pacific
  • Frodo van Oostveen, Crazy About Water / The Water Agency
  • Hans van Mameren, HACE Engineering
  • Guy Heijnen, Hatenboer Water
  • Oesha Thakoerdin, WEnergy Global
  • Jaïr Smits, Hydroinformatics Institute
  • Hans Akerboom, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Arno Kops