Rabobank Food Loss Challenge Asia: find out who are the Top-5 Finalists

Last Friday (26 Oct) at the Food Loss Challenge Asia Pitch Day, 20 startups had the challenging task of leaving their best impression with the judging panel, with 5 min to pitch the best parts of their startups and 5 min to answer questions from the panel.


On the day itself, the judging panel made their verdict on the Top 5 that will be proceeding to Rabobank Asia’s Food and Agri Advisory Board meeting, a premier event bringing Chairmen and CEOs of leading Food & Agribusiness companies and commodity traders from Asia together and continue to be in the running for the Jury’s Prize and Audience Favourite.


The Top 5 startups in alphabetical order are as follows:


  • CropIn Technology Solutions(Precision Farming) (cropin.com) – An intuitive, intelligent, self-evolving system that delivers future-ready farming solutions to the entire agricultural sector. With capabilities of live reporting, analysis, interpretation and insight that span across geographies, their solution digitizes every farm, while data-managing the entire ecosystem.
  • Eachmile Technologies(Farmer Services- Fish) (eachmile.co) – Uses mobile technology to provide fishers and farmers the data they need to improve their livelihoods, and connect each link of otherwise fragmented supply chains.
  • Ecozen Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(Solar) (ecozensolutions.com) – Provides renewable energy-based products that can store and transport perishables along the value chain.
  • Elixia Tech Solutions Ltd.(Supply Chain) (elixiatech.com) – Provides comprehensive and customised solutions for transportation, logistics and supply chain management across industries by converting accurate and real-time data actionable business intelligence.
  • Pula Advisors(Farmer Services) (pula-advisors.com) – Develops and distributes bundles of financial and agronomic services for smallholder farmers. The bundle includes agricultural inputs, insurance and precision agronomic advisory.

Albert Boogaard, Head of Innovation of Rabo Foundation, commenting on the day said: “I am impressed by the very high quality of applications, not only the top 5 we just selected or the top 20 we selected earlier but many more. Very particular for Asia, the solutions presented showed a strong market orientation, i.e. a focus on what the end users such as smallholders need and can pay for. While outside Asia donor funding sometimes confuses a startup environment with grants or less critical seed capital, this is much less the case in Asia. Investors are primarily in because they believe in the product and in the results, while at the same time improving a lot. Another difference is the very strong focus on data and data analytics combined with world class experience and track record of the founders.


Mark van Binsbergen, CEO of Rabobank Singapore, said: “We are pleased to see in the submissions their ability to integrate innovative technology and enhance interconnectedness along the value chain. We are glad to have found likeminded individuals who are also passionate about helping to ‘growing a better world together’ – a mission that guides what we do at Rabobank.”


Inaugurated in August 2018, the initiative received 127 submissions from 29 countries across Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. Each finalist has been awarded with a USD$1,000 prize and will present their proposals at Rabobank’s annual Asia Food & Agribusiness advisory board meeting on 15 November 2018 in Singapore, where a Jury’s Prize of USD15,000 and an Audience Prize of USD5,000 will be awarded to the winners.


You may also watch the highlights of the Pitch Day on the below link!



About Rabobank and Rabobank Foundation
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Find out more about the Food Loss Challenge Asia at www.foodlosschallenge.asia

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