The Association of Dutch Business People (ADB) and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DutchCham) decided to merge at the 1st of January 2018 to create a new organisation.


The new organisation will represent almost 20 Orange members (mostly Dutch MNCs), 100+ Corporate members and 350+ Individual members, which results in a reach to 800+ professionals. Our individual members are (largely) working men and women (or looking for a job or network in Singapore) roughly aged between 25-55 years. Together with Dutch Drinks Singapore we target >50% of all Dutch professionals in Singapore.


There are three kind of memberships: Orange, Corporate and Individual. Below you will find the details of each membership.


Sign-up now and become a member until 31st of December 2019.


If you have any questions or would like to register as a new member, please send an email to


Membership packages



Nominated members
Annual General Meeting voting rights
Invitations to C-level Round Table events
Logo on ‘Orange Members roll-up banner’ placed at all ADC events (30+)
Opportunity to host an event with support of Executive Team (joined-up thinking on set-up)
Opportunity to attend 30+ events at Members’ rate or free of charge
Access to participate in industry and support committee meetings and events
Access to the list of members that registered for particular events

Website and e-mail ADB-DutchCham
Logo with URL on ADC homepage
Banner on ADC homepage for a period of 14 days
Logo in email signatures of ADC Executive Team (4 people) & Committees (11)
Media exposure in the “News” section on ADC website (e.g. publication of company media release)
Access to online alumni directory

Magazine, Directory and e-newsletter 1
Logo in all editions of the e-newsletter, ADC Magazine, and event invitations2
Half page full color ad in ADC Directory
First choice for premium advertisement placements in Directory and Magazine
Feature of company and/or interview of individual in Magazine
Banner e-newsletter
Company introduction in e-newsletter and Magazine, including logo, outline and contact details
Logo, URL, contact details and outline in digital and printed member Directory
5 Magazines p.a. free of charge at your business or home address
1 Directory p.a. at your business or home address
Name, company and designation in digital and printed member Directory
Introduction in e-newsletter and Magazine (name, company, designation, profile picture)
1 Magazine: 5 times p.a. hard-copy; also published in soft-copy on website
    Directory: once a year, summary edition published at the end of the year, including a list of all events,      members, sponsors, and ADC organisation
    E-newsletter: 10 times p.a.
2 Events: Over 30 events p.a. are offered; only a maximum of 10 will be seperately announced p.a.

* fees are subject to change prices are in Singapore dollars