Law firm Houthoff expands internationally with a representative in Japan

Houthoff’s international presence is further strengthened by the appointment of Cecile Eijsink-Bonnier as the firm’s representative in Tokyo.



Eijsink-Bonnier has more than ten years experience as a lawyer and will be representing the Dutch firm in the Japanese market. As a representative, Eijsink-Bonnier will be responsible for further developing business contacts with Japanese companies doing business, or wanting to do business, in the Netherlands. She is also in close contact with Houthoff’s “friend” firms in Japan. Last year Houthoff appointed representatives in Singapore and Houston (US).


Japan provides potential for international growth

Michiel Pannekoek, Chief International Officer at Houthoff: “Our model of representatives has proven to be successful which has only made our international ambition grow. Globalization requires more than being able to work remotely. Personal relationships are invaluable in our line of work; clients state that they appreciate the physical presence very much. Just like our other representatives, Cecile has profound knowledge of the local market because she lives and works in Tokyo. Cecile’s strength, in combination with the service that we can now provide locally, reinforces our confidence in our expansion to Japan.”


Several of Houthoff’s practice groups have noticed an increase in Japanese companies that wish to develop activities in the Netherlands or have recently done so. The Netherlands has an attractive business climate and, historically, the ties between the two countries have always been strong. Pannekoek: “The choice for Tokyo was a logical one for us. Japan is still a major economic power and with the recent trade agreement between Japan and the EU (JEFTA) and the effects of Brexit, Houthoff expects significant opportunities for Japanese presence in the Netherlands.”


About Houthoff

Houthoff is an independent, leading Dutch law firm, with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, London and New York, and with representatives in Houston, Singapore and, as from September 2018, Tokyo. Our 300 lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax advisers work together continuously to ensure that we are there for our clients when they need us the most. We focus on highly complex transactions and dispute resolution, advising international and national corporations, financial institutions, private equity firms and governments on their most strategic and business-critical matters. Whether it’s helping to assess the strengths of new opportunities or managing risks, we always look beyond today’s issues to find a long-term solution.