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6 November 2017

Vacancy HSL: part-time Peuterleidster



De Hollandse School Limited zoekt voor peuterschool Jip en Janneke een


Peuterleidster (m/v) – Parttime


De Hollandse School in Singapore is een Nederlandstalige peuter-/basisschool met in totaal 360 leerlingen (60 peuterschool/300 basisschool). De HSL verzorgt onderwijs aan kinderen van ouders die in Singapore werkzaam zijn en vaak een internationale woonomgeving met zich meebrengen. Het bestuur wordt onder meer gevormd door vertegenwoordigers van bedrijven die de school hebben opgericht in 1920.


Jip en Janneke is een school voor peuters van 2 tot 4 jaar, die door zowel een Engelse leerkracht als een Nederlandse leerkracht in groepen van maximaal 18 leerlingen worden geleid. Peuterschool Jip en Janneke is onderdeel van de Hollandse School Ltd.

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2 October 2017

The Netherlands is Once Again the Most Competitive EU Country


Ranked 4th globally, Holland scores high in education, infrastructure, innovation and technology readiness


For the second year in a row, the Netherlands is among the top four most competitive countries in the world, according to findings from the World Economic Forum (WEF).  Within the EU, the Netherlands scores first place, ahead of Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Finland.


The Netherlands maintains its prominent position thanks to the support of a strong education system and high levels of tech readiness among businesses and individuals. Its innovation ecosystem is ranked 6th globally, putting Holland in an excellent position to develop new ideas and attract investment.

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5 September 2017

Vacancies Hollandse School Singapore

hsllogo-high-resDe Hollandse School Limited in Singapore zoekt op korte termijn:


Enthousiaste leerkrachten primair onderwijs (M/V)
op invalbasis



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15 August 2017

Johor princess weds Dutchman

ST_20170815_SEPRINCESS_3348833JOHOR BARU • The marriage of Johor Princess Tunku Tun Aminah Sultan Ibrahim to Dutch-born Dennis Muhammad Abdullah was solemnised yesterday in a ceremony steeped in traditional Malay customs.

The ceremony was held at Istana Bukit Serene, the official residence of the Johor royal family, and was witnessed by her parents, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar and his consort Raja Zarith Sofiah Idris Shah.

Also present were the groom’s parents Martin and Henriette Verbaas, and his brother and sister who had flown in from the Netherlands.


10 August 2017

Dutch Corporate Law for International Investors


los-angeles-corporate-law-la-habraDutch corporate law has found a good balance between the needs of today’s international investment community, and the current-day needs for corporate and tax governance. In the process, the Netherlands has achieved top scores for company establishment and investor-friendly business law. In the changing political and regulatory landscape in the world, this provides a solid and future-oriented base to companies operating cross-border in Europe.


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