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Co-chair HR Committee

HR in a truly global setting, a Western dot in the Far East


Co-chair HR Committee

Connecting talent from East to West


The HR Committee was initiated in 2014. Our meetings focus on relevant HR topics such as; talent attraction, strategic HR planning, transformation and innovation in the HR field. Consistent with the overall objective of ADB-DutchCham, the HR Committee aims to create a platform for discussion and sharing of best practices on these topics.


The committee is open to HR professionals working in our member companies. We have a combination of members with a more regional focus as well as a Singapore only focus. We hope to provide thought-provoking and relevant topics to continuously challenge and develop our HR Community.




Year Plan 2018

  • March 
  • July 
    Employer Branding
  • November 
    Leadership Development


Committee members

  • Eveline Noya, Essilor, Co-chair
  • Yan Vermeulen, Odgers Berndtson, C0-chair
  • Jan Anne Schelling, DSM
  • Cynthia Tan, ING Bank
  • Tricia Duran, Unilever
  • Marieke Bos van den Berg, AkzoNobel
  • Helen Liu,
  • Roosmaryn Spliet, &Samhoud


Eveline Noya and Yan Vermeulen