Get your free tickets for the Sustainable Globalization Conference 9 October 2018

On  the Sustainable Globalization Conference will take place in Rotterdam AND Singapore, with TrustLube taking care of the presentation of this event in Singapore. We are very much looking forward to this event organized by the Nationaal Duurzaamheid Instituut (National Sustainability Institute).





The program in Singapore will be as follows:


Part 1

20.00 u Opening by host Chiel van Daelen & Welcome to Rotterdam with livestream
20.10 u TrustLube Chiel van Daelen (CEO) about TrustLube, the first real non toxic lubricant innovation company in the world that has the techniques to make ships and platforms more sustainable
20.30 u Peterson (Livestream) Dingeman de Groot, Director of Sales about generic central sustainable purchasing
20.50 u Philips (Livestream) Eelco Smit, Sustainability director Philips about the sustainable dream of Philips and sustainable products
21.10 u Daphne van der Puijl about CSR, SDG’s and the need to act now


21.25 u Pauze 20″


Part 2

21.45 u NDI / GSES System (stream) Kelly Ruigrok, applied sustainability about the NDI, Global Sustainable Metastandard & GSES System

22.00 u Control Union about Control Union sustainability schemes as GSES and Control Union academy.

22.30 u Capgemini nur-Filzah Jusmaniabout CSR policy and goals of Capgemini

23.00 u Sustainable database on Blockchain technology Michael Kolenbrander (Blockchain expert of Capgemini) & Annelies Hermens (CSR & Sustainability lead) Sustainable Database build on Blockchain technology


For the conference in Singapore we can offer you free tickets  please respond to this email or register with this link:



Capgemini Innovation Centre
6 Battery Road, Singapore