Dutch Strategic Partners

Kingdom of the Netherlands

The main focus of the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore is to build and maintain strong economic diplomatic relations within Singapore and to promote the Netherlands for Singaporean investors. The Embassy supports and promotes Dutch economic interests in mainly the sectors Water& Maritime, High Tech, Life Sciences & Health and Food & Nutrition.

Dutch companies and Dutch business people truly make a difference in Singapore with their innovative spirit, knowledgeable expertise and adventurous yet pragmatic mindset. Many Dutch multinational companies, such as Unilever, Heineken, Shell, FrieslandCampina and Philips have a strong presence in Singapore, as do many innovative SMEs. By working together with likeminded Singaporeans we enhance the value of both our networks.


The Netherlands Embassy builds and maintains strong economic diplomatic relations within Singapore and promotes the Netherlands for Singaporean investors by


  • encouraging cooperation between business community, research institutions and the Singaporean and Dutch government
  • actively searching and providing information on business opportunities
  • matchmaking and organizing networking events
  • promoting investments in the Netherlands
  • economic diplomacy

The economic department of the Dutch Embassy, consisting of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, the Science and Technology advisors, Trade Officers and Customs Attaché, work closely together with DutchCham to enhance the economic ties between the two nations.




The Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion

The Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) is one of the leading Dutch trade promotion organisations. The NCH was founded in 1946 by private industry people and operates since then as an independent private foundation (therefore NCH is not a government agency).


The Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) is one of the leading Dutch trade promotion organisations. The NCH was founded in 1946 by private industry people and operates since then as an independent private foundation (so it is not a government agency).


Companies can become a member of NCH by entering one or more of the country business councils which work together with NCH in a federation. Ultimo 2005 NCH had in total approximately 800 corporate members, divided over about 60 business councils.


NCH is now in a process of expanding the number of regional business councils and reinforce the board of the business councils to make it to a network of leading Dutch business representatives. This worldwide network of business councils under the umbrella of NCH is unique in The Netherlands and makes NCH different from other trade promotion organizations. Almost in every regional business council the Dutch government is represented by an observer in order to stimulate public-private cooperation in these councils.



Hollandse Club


The Hollandse Club is a private members’ Club in Singapore since 1908. With its healthy Dutch heritage still intact, it has also grown to become Singapore’s truly international family Club with more than 45 different nationalities calling the Club home.

The social Club boasts a wide array of sports facilities and professionally taught classes for both adults and children. Besides emphasis on being a top level recreational facility for its adult members, the Hollandse Club upholds a very child-friendly environment to cater for the many families who reside as members of the Club. It is the only Club in Singapore that provides child-minding service. The Club also has its very own catering department which has provided un-paralleled  service for its members and offsite clients for more than 40 years. In recent times, the Club has also expanded its facilities with the launch of 13 boutique style hotel rooms within the Club’s premises. ‘The ROOMS’ provide an excellent accommodation choice for its returning Lifetime members and business travelers who are looking to stay at a green oasis close to town.

Maritiem Club de Ruyter


The “Maritieme Club de Ruyter” started in 2009 with its first lunch at the Singapore Polo Club.  With horses looking over the shoulders of the first members, and the maritime connotation, “De Ruyter” seemed the only appropriate name.


The purpose of the Maritieme Club de Ruyter is to bring Dutch speaking people with an interest in the maritime industry together. This happens in a practical and informal way. The Club meets every first Friday of the month, between 12:00 and 14:00, for a nasi goreng lunch, nowadays at the Tradewinds bar at the Hollandse Club. Recently the second “de Ruyter herring party” took place, which is now an annual tradition.


Attending are not only people who are based in Singapore but also visitors from the Netherlands or Belgium and crew-members or project management teams who have the time to join. For visitors the lunch offers quick access to the Dutch/Singaporean Maritime community. For the Singapore based people it offers an efficient meeting place. For all it offers an outstanding lunch in the good tradition of the Hollandse Club. The lunch is generally sponsored by one of the companies attending.


Every Dutch speaking person with an interest in the marine industry is welcome. An email to clubderuyter@gmail.com to confirm attendance helps in getting the catering right. You can also become a member of the group at LinkedIn and receive an update or request support from fellow members. Despite the horses, the Club de Ruyter has been a success from the start, the Dutch speaking maritime community in Singapore looks forward to welcoming you.