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Singapore is a great location for entrepreneurs to establish their business. The Singaporean business environment is friendly and well-organized, and Singapore is a great business hub for the the region. Looking at the entrepreneurial nature of the Dutch, it is no surprise that many Dutch entrepreneurs found their way to Singapore and started businesses.

The Startup & SME Academy is there to support, expand and strengthen the ecosystem of Dutch startups and SME’s and related local stakeholders in Singapore. Our main objectives are connecting people and building relationships, supporting the exchange of useful information, and facilitating helping each other and working together.


Throughout the year we are available for questions, any kind of feedback, and requests for introductions and support. Each quarter we organize an event. These events are intended to be meaningful, interactive and thought-provoking, and aimed at addressing the needs and interests of our members. In short, we invite founders and business experts to share their experience, learnings and insights, and to take part in well-organized panel discussions.

During the events we always make sure that there is plenty of time for questions, discussions and networking, and of course for pitching of business ideas. We always pick a relevant theme, try to find a nice event location and have a drink and a bit of a laugh too. In the end we want to do business and have fun!


The Startup & SME Academy is meant for:

  • Dutch founders and employees of startups and SMEs in Singapore,
  • Singaporean founders who are interested in collaboration or developing business in Netherlands,
  • Dutch and Singaporean angel investors, seed investors and venture capitalists, and
  • People who are considering to join a Dutch startup or SME, or are simply interested to learn more about the ecosystem of Dutch entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Our events are most interesting for founders who are currently in one of the following business lifecycle stages: validation, growth and professionalisation. The committee is inclusive for all, so anyone – Dutch, Singaporean and any other – is most welcome to join our events. Please note though that pre-registration is required and members of ADB-DutchCham have priority over non-members.

Resources > the dedicated website of SSA where we provide you with the latest information on events, event reports, etc. > Singapore’s government agency that Champions enterprise development. > The platform that merges the Dutch startup ecosystem into one single connected hub.

Committee Members

Gabby van Herpt

The Netherlands Embassy in Singapore

Emma Fabius






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